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released February 23, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yann & Séb, Cube studio

1st press :

BG Records / Back To Reality / Crapoulet / Dingleberry Records / Dream Comes True / Emergence / Lubic Records / Pure Heart / Rude Kids Crew / Saddest Song / Some Kind of Hate / Stupid Kids Records / Wise Records

Repress :

BG Records / Crapoulet / Dingleberry Records / Don't Trust the Hype Recordez / Il Pleut Records / Risk the Branch Records / Saddest Song




Another Five Minutes Strasbourg, France

Seb - drums, vocals
Flo - guitar, vocals
Mat - bass, vocals

Emo Hardcore from Strasbourg, FR.

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Track Name: I Want You

Lyrics :

I want you to disappear
I just want to be sincere

Time to disappear, time to say goodbye
Don't bother, don't mention it, please don't cry

You don't understand what I'm saying
That's the reason why you should just leave me
We don't know where I am going
You must call a spade a spade I'm crazy (I'm crazy)
Now I'm waiting for something I fear
I am having difficulty breathing
I only want to be sincere
No colors, no rainbows, it can't be spring
I'm voiceless, I'm useless, I'm sightless, I'm pointless,
I'm artless, I'm baseless : Fruits of my sickness
I'm just the shadow of myself
Bats in the belfry, telling you goodbye

I swear I love you, I swear

I want you to disappear
I just want to be sincere

Track Name: Before The Dawn

Lyrics :

And what if we were already in heaven ?
Just fucking tell me, what would hell look like ?

There's no way out
No need to shout

Even if it were the case
Even if I had the keys
Was it worth it ?
No it wasn't
No fucking way

I don't see anything around here
That could make me wanna stay

But where the hell could I go ?
The darkest hour is just before the dawn, if there's one left.

Track Name: February 8, 1962

Lyrics :

Take my coat to keep me warm
Paris is cold, should I chance my arm?
« Don’t wait for me for dinner,
Love you honey and see you later »

1962, I took the last train
1962, I took the last breath

The July Column stands in front of me
Thousands of people with the same idea
It’s 6pm, tensions are rising
In the streets, blood starts running

The situation is getting worse
Leaving us no choice, we must disperse
Running to a subway station
My evasion, suffocation

1962, I took the last train

Took my coat to keep me warm
And now Paris has lost its charm
« Don’t wait for me anymore,
Still love you like I did before »

I took the last train

Track Name: One Spark, One Chance

Lyrics :

I want to run away, leave everything behind
I wish I could meet the kid I used to be many years ago
To rise or to fall, at least give it a try
I wish I could spend these days again, when all I could do was dream

Instead of it, I’m waiting for a better tomorrow that I won’t see
My life’s a sleepless night

If I can get just one spark, one chance

I became the person you wanted me to be
You’ve defined myself over the years

And if all good things must end, they must firstly begin

But when the sun
But when the sun goes down, I’ll be ready to leave and start everything over


“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction”
And as my eyes were shutting down
My life started to tumble down like a deck of cards
All of a sudden, I saw nothing, or everything; it’s hard to say
For the first time in a long time I felt alive

Track Name: Where Everything Starts

Lyrics :

Looking for something I left behind
Looking for something still present in my mind
Looking for memory, looking for history
Whatever the year, whatever the century

Always the same song stuck in my head
Something is wrong when I’m lying in bed

Dried tears, caked blood
Old fears, faded flood

“I forget nothing, I get used to it”
No missing pages, anxiety rages
We get used to it

Always the same song stuck in my head
Something is wrong when I’m lying in bed

My personal burden
My personal
Track Name: Maria

Lyrics :

Seeing tears that have never been seen
Holding hands that have never been held
Sharing pain when you’ve never shared love
Discovering feelings that hurt more than every moment, you’ve ever known

Hope you were right
Your alarm calls were falling on deaf ears
You had to fight
To be honest I didn’t bear a grudge against you

Not waiting for a brighter future
Hidden cries that tore us apart
A silence that became deafening
Don’t listen to them, nothing was wrong with your heart

Life won’t wait for me