by Another Five Minutes

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Recorded and mixed by Yann & Séb, Cube studio, FR.

Mastered by Jack Shirley, The Atomic Garden Studio, USA.


BG Records / Crapoulet / Don't Trust the Hype Recordz / Il Pleut Records / Lifeisafunnything / Maroufle Recordz / Ours Records / Ratta-tat-tat / Saddest Song / Share This Breath / Tadzio Records / Voice of the Unheard

Artwork Credit:

ISOGRAM — Pierre Frigeni


released February 27, 2015




Another Five Minutes Strasbourg, France

Seb - drums, vocals
Flo - guitar, vocals
Mat - bass, vocals

Emo Hardcore from Strasbourg, FR.

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Track Name: As Cold as my Heart
Tears that come from nowhere
Hidden or invisible smiles
I'm trying, I swear
A road of thousand miles

But what can I do?
It's easy to say those words
But there's one thing I still don't understand
If my heart is cold as ice
If I don't care about anything or anyone
Why am I thinking about them so much?
Why am I afraid of everything?
So maybe you're wrong about me

Because I remember
I remember everything

All the days, all the nights that we used to laugh
All your tears, all your fears that plague my mind
All the songs, all the verses that we used to sing
All the doubts, all the words that made me disappear

I'm not the person you think I am
I thought you knew me better than everyone

There are questions I should have asked
There are words I should have told
Maybe you're right
I hope not
Track Name: A Few Words Written in my Notebook
I'm overcoming fear of death
When everything seems so clear

Life becomes easier
And life becomes life
Surrounded by brothers and sisters
We are all spread out in age
Being a part of a family
What a great feeling
Always someone who belongs to you
Always someone who can help and support you
Home is people. Not a place.

I wrote these words in my notebook
I'm so sick of the decisions I took

My dreams, my memory, my past
Covered by blood, the die is cast

May God Almighty bless their souls
Father, forgive them. They don't know what they're doing

Track Name: Out of the World
It always seems to me that I should feel well in the place where I am not
Another town, another bed, another try, another failure
I can't see the sun but I've found flowers that won't wither
I got these questions always running through my head
That's why I asked my soul:
Where could I go? Is there a place for us? Is there a time for us?
My soul does not reply. Not a single word.
But somewhere out there must be a place where I belong
Just tell me where, I'm sure you got the answer
So I asked my soul one time, I asked my soul two times, three fucking times
Silence still remains

Where do these shadows come from?
I've never seen the sun
Still looking for a warmer place

I wish I was anyone but me
I wish I was anywhere but here
I keep looking for a better place
I keep asking my soul
This air feels strange to me
This body's not my own
Am I fighting against the tide?

Finally I get an answer I didn't expect
My soul cried :

« No matter where ! No matter where ! As long as it's :
Out of the world ! »
Track Name: My Mind...
I don't know where I should begin
My mind has come undone
They said that we will grieve and heal

You were there to look for me
Every time I closed my eyes
You were there to look for me

Now I’m drowning
A leap into the unknown
Track Name: ...Has Come Undone
Your black thursday is nothing compared to mine

Since the day you left me everything has changed
Nothing matters anymore, why bother ? Why bother ?
Why bother caring ? Why bother trying ?
No need to dry my tears, they did it on their own